Pallet Flow Racking

Dynarack Inc.’s flow systems are used to convey pallets or containers on wheels or rollers from the charge end of a storage lane to the discharge end of the storage lane.

Each lane of a system is equipped with a wheel or roller track set at the proper slope, from the charge position to the discharge position, to safely flow the pallets or containers via gravity. This allows pallets or containers to be inserted into one end and retrieved from the other end of a gravity flow lane.

First In First Out Racking (F.I.F.O.)
Dynarack Inc.’s flow systems guarantee first in first out (F.I.F.O.) stock rotation of your products. The main purpose of pallet flow racking is to provide high pallet throughput along with high density storage.


Dynarack Inc.’s pallet flow systems use separate charge and discharge fork truck aisles for loading and unloading of pallets from the system. As a container is removed from the discharge position of a lane, all the remaining pallets in the lane will flow forward to the discharge position.

The speed of a pallet or container is controlled with a precise combination of slope and speed retarders so even the heaviest of pallet loads will flow at a safe and controlled rate. Pallets are brought to a secure and smooth halt at the end of a lane by a wedge stop.

Dynarack Inc.’s container flow systems are typically two to ten containers deep per lane but deeper lanes are available.

Not all styles of pallets and containers will flow in gravity systems, the base must be smooth from front to back to ensure the containers will not hang up as it travels through the system.

It is recommended that the pallets to be used in the system be tested at Dynarack Inc.’s facility to see if any potential problems may arise prior to system equipment manufacturing.