Push Back Racking

Dynarack Inc.’s push back racking provides Last In First Out (L.I.F.O) stock rotation of your product. Pallets are placed on telescoping storage carts set on inclined support rails.

The lift truck driver will position the first pallet to be loaded into the push back system on the top storage cart. The second pallet to be stored will be brought to the push back lane by the fork truck driver. They will use the second pallet on the fork truck to push the first pallet already on a push back cart into the system, then place the second pallet onto the second storage cart. This will be repeated with subsequent load to a maximum of six pallets deep per lane.

Unloading of the systems is done in reverse from loading. The fork truck driver controls the speed at which the pallets cycle forward in the lane with the rate they back the unload pallet out of the system.


Dynarack Inc. push back is available in 2 to 6 pallet deep per lane systems. The height of a system is only limited by the lift off height of your fork trucks.

A Dynarack Inc. push back racking systems uses the same fork truck access aisle for loading and unloading of pallets, thus requiring only one aisle for fork truck access.

Each lane utilizes it own set of telescoping storage carts and support rails. This increases the selectivity of push back racking over drive-in or drive-through racking. This increase in selectivity makes Dynarack Inc. push back racking the proper choice for most storage application where Last In First Out is an acceptable storage solution.
detail of push back racking